Park your rear at Park(ing) Day

Friday, Sept 19th is INTERNATIONAL PARK(ING) DAY!  If you have no clue what Park(ing) Day is all about, join the group.  On this special day, people take-over parking spots from cars and use this valuable and scarce public space as a community-building spot.  In NYC, we will have approximately 50 spots, each with its own theme and feel.  Park(ing) Day is an amazing way to showcase the fact that parked cars take up enormous amounts of space.  This is especially atrocious when we live in such close quarters and have relatively small public spaces.  Hmmmm, maybe we should get rid of some of those parking spots and use them for people instead.  What a concept.  Check out the Park(ing) Day site and video.  And, look for a spot or two to visit HERE.


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